QuickBooks - import error message - duplicate invoice/credit memo#

This message indicates that the invoice(s) you are trying to import into QuickBooks already exists in QB.  You should cancel the import process, otherwise continuing will create duplicate invoices in QB which you will need to manually delete.

Be aware that the duplicate records could be in QB Invoices or Credits, and you need to check in both places.

There are a couple reasons this may happen:

  • The most common problem is the prior export/import process was not completed in TCR and therefore the invoices were not flagged as being exported and are trying to export again.  It is critical that after importing the invoices into QB you return to TCR and respond Yes to the question if the invoices exported properly as this will mark the invoices as exported and enter in the date exported.
  • Someone has manually entered an invoice or credit into QB and used an invoice# that is used by TCR.  If you enter invoices manually into QB you have to be very aware of the different numbering sequences used.

To correct the first issue you need to print out the Non-Exported Invoices report from TCR and find out which ones are in QB and then open each one in TCR and check the box as Exported.  Then you can run the export process again.

To correct the second issue, you just need to change the invoice# in QB and be aware the next time manual invoices are entered into QB and change the invoice# to a different sequence.


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