Description of different Ticket types

  1.  First Ticket:  When setting up a multi-day rental, this is your delivery ticket. 
  2.  Add-on ticket:  For multi-day rentals, this ticket is used to send out additional items.  
  3.   Add-on/Reset Ticket: Functions the same as Add-on Ticket but gives your driver the additional information that items on-site need to be reset
  4.   Complete Return:  Calculates the quantity of all items currently on-site and places them on a return ticket.  Gives you the option to close job if nothing else on rent. 
  5.  Daily Traffic Control:  Functions as both a delivery ticket and complete return ticket for 1-day rental.  You can invoice directly from this ticket type.  
  6.  Partial Return:  Used if some, but not all, items are being returned.  
  7.  Partial/Takedown Return:  Functions the same as a Partial Return ticket but gives your driver additional information that something on-site needs to be taken down. 
  8.  Reset Ticket:  Used when nothing is being delivered/returned.  No quantities are given.  
  9.   Sale:  For sale items only.  You can invoice directly from this ticket type. 
  10.  Service/Job Check:  Nothing is going out or coming back.  Customers often do add labor to this ticket type, though.  
  11.   Striping Ticket:  Only used if you have striping items set up.  Will only pull from that item list.  
  12.  Takedown:  Used only when items on-site are being taken down, but nothing is returned.  
  13.  Traffic Control Plan:  Generally used when billing for Traffic Control Plan only.  You can invoice from this ticket type.  
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