Short cut keys for TCR.

Short Cut Keys

These key combinations will quickly take you to the button you want, but you do need to press enter to activate the process.

  • ALT S – Save – this will save any changes you made on the form.

  • ALT Q - Save & Close button - will save the data and close the form.

  • ALT A - Save & Add New button - will save the data, close the current form and open it up again for you to enter a new record.

  • ALT R or F5 - Refresh button - not usually necessary unless you have a form open that has data that was
    changed by another form.

  • ALT X - Delete button - deletes the current record. Not all records can be deleted (i.e. a customer with
    existing jobs).

  • ALT P - Print button - will print the current screen

  • Red X in upper right corner - Close the form.
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