How to setup the Portal in the TCR?


Portal Users:

You can add users to the portal by clicking on + icon. Every portal user is assigned a role. The role contains the module-level permissions for the user.

Adding a user to the portal:

Fill in the details in General section of the window. Roles and Users will be empty now.


Click on ‘Save’. Once the record is saved, Roles and Customers will be auto-populated.

Adding Roles:

Roles controls the permission to access the Portal. Users associated to the role can perform the functions that are provided to them.


Manager: Access to all but user security. User with this role can do any operation on the portal. That includes, creating editing tickets/jobs, editing details in any form.

Read Only: Read only access to site. User with this role can only read the application. They can’t add /edit tickets/ jobs.

Adding Customers:

A user can be given access to any number of customers. Each customer has its own account in the portal and can be accessed accordingly.



Any user can switch among the customer’s (account) data by changing the account from the options on the top right.


Once the ‘Change account’ is selected, list of customers assigned to the user is displayed from which any other account can be selected.






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