TCR Mobile App - Version 2.4

New Features

1. Added ‘Mobile Ticket Admin’ User role: If it's enabled, driver can add/edit other driver labor records to a ticket even if he is not a primary driver. 


2. Time card ‘work codes’ sorting feature is added

  • Go to Home-> Time Card and click on 'Sort Workcodes' button


  • sort work codes using drag-and-drop method


  • Unique sorted order will be saved in the server for each individual user right after data synchronization

3. Military time can be used in the app when the user enables ‘Show Military Time’ under settings.


4. Time stamp can be visible on a photo based on the value of "Require Time Stamp On Photo" toggle in company settings in TCR main.


  • Go to Tickets ->Photos tab to see the time stamp on a photo when you take a photo or choose one from gallery.


5. We can now show additional fields on ticket tab for a specific customer using Json


1. Reduced the height of ‘select ticket type’ look up


2. Dollar($) symbol is added for cost field under ‘Add Maintenance’


3. Confirmation dialog box is added when user hits back button while adding a new ticket


4. Equipment codes are displayed in sorted order when the user looks up equipment codes while adding maintenance. Go to Maintenance -> Add Maintenance


5. Resized the height of misc activities listview to avoid scrolling issues


6. Location map can be hidden on Ticket screen when user enables ‘Hide Map in Ticket Screen’ under settings. Go to Tickets -> Job section to see the results.


Bug Fixes

1. An error message is added when user tries to add a duplicate item

  • Go to TCR Main -> Tickets -> Items -> Add New Item tab and add a new item with 'Print on ticket' is disabled.


  • Open the same ticket in TCR Mobile and try to add the same item again, you will see an error message says 'Item with same item code is already exists on this ticket with print-on-ticket disabled. Please contact your company'


2. Collapse arrow is aligned properly for ticket details display


3. Improved Items listview look up to avoid overlap issue


4. Resolved back button issue while selecting a new job

5. Fixed work code timer issue: Sometimes work code timer starts running without any ticket selection being made and also keeps running even after closing and reopening the app. It should be resolved now.

6. App no longer crashes when user enters dot(.) in quantity delivered field


7. Driver's total time for the week should be matched with the sum of each individual day


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