How does a ‘Rental Minimum’ work?

Rental minimum depends on the Job’s rental minimum field and applies only when Equipment total is less than the rental minimum on a closed Job. The rental minimum will only apply once the system knows that there is nothing else to bill. The rental minimum will only trigger if the Job is closed since it assumes other charges could be issued against that Job. Once the Job is closed with no other items to rent, it will apply the rental minimum if not met. We can add a 'rental minimum' at the customer level or job level.

The rental minimum usually only applies to rental equipment, so Sale items should not affect it. 

For instance, let’s add a ‘Daily Traffic Control’ type ticket with a few items which costs less than the rental minimum and then final edit it. Go to the job's screen and change the status to ‘closed’ along with the ‘Date Completed’ field and then invoice it to see the rental minimum.

'Rental Minimum' at the Customer level


'Rental Minimum' at the Job level


Job's status


Invoice with rental minimum


The rental minimum charge is applying correctly but is not charging taxes?

Rental Minimum tax will be applied only when you enable ‘Rental Min Taxable’ field at the branch level.

Rental Minimum tax at the 'Branch' level



Rental minimum is not working?

The rental minimum only applies if the Job is closed, since we could potentially bill more on that job. If we need to bill a minimum for that billing period, we could use Misc Item to add the charge.

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