Initial Setup Checklist

There are certain pieces of information that need to be setup, in a specific order, before you can begin to use TCR for your daily processes.  This document is intended to be used as a checklist, and not as detailed instructions.  More detailed information can be found in the User’s Manual and explains each form and field in more depth.

Some information is automatically created when TCR is installed for you, but will need to be reviewed and possibly corrected depending on your situation.  All of these items will be reviewed with you during the first Administrative training session.



Administrative Settings:

  1. Accounting Terms – default is set at company level as well as each customer
  2. Company – review addresses, insert logo, set preferences
  3. Tax Rates/Groups – need at least one tax rate and one tax group, even if tax rate = 0.  These must match your accounting system in order for your export/import of invoices to work.
  4. Branch – add branch(s) – address/phone – no accounting references yet
  5. Chart of Accounts – setup GL accounts for each branch as it relates to your accounting system. At minimum you need the following:
    1. Accounts Receivable
    2. Sales Tax Payable
    3. Each Income account – i.e. Rental Revenue, Sales Revenue
  6. Branch – edit each branch and select proper AR, Sales Tax and Rental Min. GL accounts and default Sales Tax Group
  7. Unit of Measures – used for price lists and quotes
  8. Users – people who will be logging into TCR, assign to specific role/access level

  Application Settings:

  1. Equipment Types – large ticket items only - T=Trucks, AB, MB, LT
  2. Trucks - driver's trucks
  3. Drivers – option to assign default truck
  4. Equipment – all large ticket items (AB/MB) by serial numbers/equipment codes
  5. Line Items – equipment and labor items that will be used on tickets
  6. Price Lists – need at least one price list (i.e. Standard Price List)
  7. Signage - sign legends
  8. Quote Extras - standard verbiage used on quotes

Optional Settings:

  • Kits
  • Sub Items
  • Maintenance Categories
  • Sales Categories
  • Striping Items
  • Zones
  • Employees – other than drivers
  • Login Schedules
  • Work Classes


Once you have the above items completed, another training session will be scheduled so you can start to setup the following:

  1. Customers and contacts
  2. Jobs – start with open jobs
  3. Tickets – starting with initial TCR ticket with equipment quantities on site


It is important that these initial tickets be setup with the proper date / quantities so that your first TCR billing will represent what is currently on rent.

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