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Version 2.1 : 

New Features:

  • Grouping and count under Items&Signs Tab

In previous version items, signs and misc items were displayed without being categorised, whereas in this version; Items, signs and misc items are grouped separately and there count is shown in braces as well.

  •  Primary Driver:

Primary driver can now assign another driver as Primary (In Ticket Labor tab when adding/editing a labor record).

  • After assigning another driver as primary, the current driver cannot access items or complete that ticket.
  • Caller Note field is displayed on Ticket tab.

  • Tickets of the given day are sorted based on "Estimated Time On Site" field.
  • Delivered/returned All button is visible based on the value of "Enable Delivered All" toggle in company settings in TCR main. (Driver needs to log out and log in to reflect this change in mobile as the company settings are synced with mobile-only during initial login).

  •  If the special instructions are too long, the only portion of the text is shown in the ticket tab, when the user clicks on the text, it opens a popup to read the full text.



  • Design/functionality improvement in timecard when selecting work code with "open Ticket List" enabled:
  1.  The ticket number is shown on the timecard, the one which the user is currently working on.

      2. New button "Start new On Same Ticket" is added when the user wishes to work on the same ticket.

      3. Timer and work code description is shown on the Ticket which is selected when starting a  work code.


  • "Set By Time" is now displayed on the tickets list screen.

  • Drivers can complete the ticket without entering Qty Returned for those items with Pick Quantity "0".
  • Time Card bugs which are reported in Beta 14.



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