Drivers are those employees that will be assigned to customer tickets.  It does not necessarily mean they are driving, as they could be a helper/laborer on a ticket with another person.

Drivers are actually a subset of Employees found in Admin. Settings, but sense Operations Managers often need to add a driver to TCR, the option is available under Settings.  When an employee is added using Drivers, their Role of driver is automatically added.  Without the role of Driver, the employee would not appear as a driver.


First and Last Name: The first and last name are used during labor exports and a few other reports and should represent their actual name.

Display Name: The display name is what is used when selecting a driver for a ticket as well as what is displayed on the ticket and other reports.  Some customers will use a number/name combination - 02 - Jones, Bob - so that they can continue to use existing driver numbers that they are use to seeing and using.

Status: As driver's leave it is important to change the status to Inactive so they are no longer an option to add to tickets.  You can make them Active again if necessary.  It is never recommended to 'reuse' the driver record by change the name and information as you will loose all the history associated to the first person.  All reports, etc. will always display the current name / information.

Job Title: Only the name fields and status are required, but using the job title is helpful to identify specific qualifications (i.e. Flagger, Supervisor) as the job title appears with the driver's name when being selected on a ticket.  The job title allows you to add Other and enter in any number of combinations / titles.

Email/Address/Phone:  This information is optional, just remember if you do add it in TCR, it is visible to those users who have access to drivers (with the exception of Driver Rate).

Driver Rate: If you use the driver rate (only displayed for Admin and GM roles), this will figure in on the labor costing reports.

Truck ID:  Filling in the Truck ID with the truck they normally use will automatically populate the truck id on the tickets when the driver is selected.

Employee#: While optional, the employee number is helpful if you plan to export any labor time to another software program (i.e. payroll).

Branch: If you have more than one branch, and the driver only works out of one branch, you can assign them to the branch and it will narrow the list of drivers when selecting one on a ticket.  Any drivers without a branch will always appear on the list.

Notes:  You can enter in any internal note regarding the driver.





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    Are there any settings the phone needs to be on for the drivers to appear on the map? We can't get them to show up on the location map.


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