Invoice Process

From the Main menu, select Invoices in lower left section.  The Invoice Process menu will appear.


  • Before you run a batch of invoices you should always check for Tickets Not Final Edited
    • You will be prompted for the Date Through you are planning on invoicing
    • These tickets need to be checked before their related jobs can be proofed or invoiced
  • You should always run a Proof of each job from this option or from the Job screen before Invoicing the job
    • Some people have the option to print a Proof from the Ticket but that only calculates the days through that ticket not and not the end of a billing cycle.
    • On the Job screen you have the option to proof/invoice that follows the same prompts described below.
  • The process for printing Proofs and Invoices is exactly the same
  • You can proof a job as many times as you like but once invoiced, those tickets are no longer available for editing and you cannot create another invoice for that billing period

Once all the tickets have been final edited:

  • Select Generate Proofs / Invoices and you will have 4 options
    • All Customers/Jobs
    • Specific Customers
    • Specific Jobs
    • All Closed Jobs
  • If you select Specific Customers or Jobs, you will have a screen to select which customers or jobs to bill.
  • The next screen will prompt you for the other billing options which are optional and default to All:
    • Branch
    • Customer Group
    • Billing Cycle
    • Job Type
    • Salesperson
  • You will need to enter in the end of the billing period (Invoice Through) and Invoice Date. The computer will determine the start of the billing period for each job based on either the last invoice date or the first ticket date.
    • You never want to bill through the current date unless you are billing a single closed job because once a job is billed through a specific date, no other tickets can be entered for that billing period.
  • Select whether you are Proofing or Invoicing
  • If you bill your DTC (daily traffic control tickets) separate from your rental tickets, you can check the box for Only DTC Tickets.
  • Select which format you want all the invoices to print in
    • If you have some customers with a different format, then they should be in their own Customer Group
  • Select how you want the invoices created - normally they appear in a single PDF file, but occasionally you may want to use the Group Invoices by Project Manager/Customer if you plan to email them manually.
  • If you have setup TCR to automatically email invoices to customers (Company information) you can check the box.
  • Pressing Next will then let you know how many jobs will be processed, if the number does not sound correct based on your criteria, you can cancel the process.
  • Pressing Next again will generate all the proofs/invoices.  You will see a message with the count down of invoices being processed.
  • When the processing is done a new prompt will appear with a link at the top that says Click Here to download the report.  It will open the invoices in a single PDF file or as a zip file with each customer/project manager having their own PDF file.  You can decide if you want to print the proofs for review or just review on the screen.  Invoices are normally printed to send to the customer if not emailed, along with a second file copy for the office.
  • If you have some invoices that are emailed, there will be a separate link to open a PDF with those invoices so you can print a single copy for the office if necessary.
  • If your jobs require an additional AIA invoice report, that link will also be available to open and print.
  • If there are Invoice Exceptions (tickets not final edited or item not on a price list) a message will appear indicating such and give you the option to print the report.
  • There is also link for you to print a Proof/Invoice Summary report.
  • There are 2 important buttons at the bottom of this last prompt:
    • Continue and Print Invoices(s) - this is only enabled if there are no invoice exceptions.  Be aware - this will actually change the proofs into invoices!  This is not how you open and print the proofs.  Do not use this button unless your proofs are accurate and you are ready to invoice them.
    • Return to Invoice Options - this will just take you back a step to the prompt where you can choose to invoice, or change dates, etc.

Reviewing your proofs:

  • Proofs will have an invoice# of 00000000 and have a watermark indicating they are proofs.
  • Make sure the customer address is complete.
  • Check the customer job# and PO Number.  If the PO# is Pending, you need to correct this before invoicing.  There is a Job report that lists all open jobs with Pending PO# that can be printed prior to running invoices.
  • Double check the Period Covered to make sure that looks correct.  If the job is closed (Job Complete under the subtotals), the end of the period covered will represent the date the job was closed and not the date through you entered.
  • Item Descriptions - make sure none say Item not on price list and have a price of $0.00.  While they will proof, and show on the exception report, the job will not invoice as long as an item is not on the price list.
  • Quantity - make sure you do not have any negatives.
  • Scan the pricing to make sure it looks OK.  
  • Check the invoice totals and make sure the sales tax is correct.
  • Make sure it says Job Complete if the job is closed.

Once all the corrections are made you can follow the same procedure to print the invoices.

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