Equipment Types and Equipment

Equipment refers to your trucks and any big ticket items like arrow or message boards, light towers, etc.  The purpose of having this information allows TCR to track this equipment by serial# and provide additional tracking reports.  These 2 options are only available if you have the Equipment Tracking module.

Equipment Types

Since each piece of equipment is associated with a specific equipment type, these types need to be setup first.  You just need to select a short equipment type code (i.e. AB or MB or CMS) and a description.


This equipment type will also be used when setting up your line items or inventory for tickets and billing.  With the relationship between the line item to the equipment type, TCR can then provide the user with a list of actual equipment codes to select from when editing the ticket.



This information will represent each piece of equipment or asset you have that is large enough to have an individual tracking#.  Again this is usually just arrow and message boards, light towers, TMA truck, etc. and not your basic rental equipment (i.e. barricades, cones).


Equipment Code: This represents the actual serial#/equipment# that is normally stenciled on the piece of equipment.  Drivers will be writing down this number on their tickets to let the office know exactly which one went out to the job site.

Description:  The description will indicate the type of equipment and the equipment code, so when displayed on forms or reports it is clear which equipment was used.

Status:  You want to maintain the status so when it is removed from service, it will no longer be available for a user to select on a ticket.

Type: This type refers to the equipment type explained above.

Branch:  If you only have one branch, you can leave this blank.  However, if you have multiple branches and equipment is only available in the one branch, you should assign that equipment code to that branch.  This will limit the equipment codes that can be selected on a ticket.  If equipment is transferred between branches then you will manually need to manage those transfers by changing the branch.

Outside Source: If you use equipment that is from an outside source you can check the box and then on the reports for tracking this equipment, you will know what is 'in house' vs. outside source.  You may also want to use a special equipment code that indicates outside source as well (i.e. company initials).


While everything else is optional, it is helpful to have some basic information for reference.  





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