Kit Inventory

Kits are designed to aide in the data entry for tickets.  All the equipment and signage will be populated on the ticket automatically when a Kit is used in conjunction with the quantity.  Each kit can have unlimited number of equipment items and signage.  You will need to set up the Line Items and Signage prior to setting up Kits.

You have unlimited number of kits that you can enter, so you can set up a Right Lane Closure 500', and another for 1000', or a RLC Day and RLC Night.

Remember these are only templates and the user will be able to make changes to the items and signs for the specific setup needed.



Kit Code: The Kit Code is a short unique identifier for the kits.  We suggest an abbreviation of the description.  For example, RLC for Right Lane Closure.

Description: Enter a description that will describe the kit in detail.  It is for reference when adding to a ticket, and does not print anywhere else.

Striping Kit: If the kit will only be used on striping tickets, check the box to indicate it is a Striping Kit.  This is necessary because striping line items are different than your standard line items.

For each Kit you need to add Kit Items and possibly Kit Signs:



Item Code: Only current Line Items will be available to add to a kit.  The item description will be displayed for reference only.

Sub Item: If you are using Sub Items you can select one from the list and it will be added to the ticket and invoices.  If you use Sub Items and select the sign legend in that manner, you will not be using the Kit Signs tab.

Quantity: Enter the quantity of each item that this kit will require.  Remember this can be changed after the kit is added to the ticket without affecting the kit.



If you do not use Sub Items, you will want to add your sign legends to the kit.

Sign Code:  Once you select the sign code, the description will be displayed automatically.

Quantity: Enter the quantity of each sign that the kit will require.  Remember this can be changed after the kit is added to the ticket without affecting the kit.



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