Anyone who will be using TCR Online needs to be set up with a log in name (their unique email address) and password.  They are also assigned to a User Role that determines what features in TCR they have access to.


Email:  This must be unique and usually references their existing email.  

Password:  When you are creating a new user it is suggested that you just enter in something simple like their first name and 123.  By checking the Change Password, the user will be prompted to change the password when they first log in.  For security reasons, once it is added you will never be able to see what the password is, but you can always reset the password.

Status:  Users cannot be deleted, but you can inactivate them when you no longer wish them to have access to the program.  This is extremely important when you have people no longer working for your company otherwise they can continue to access TCR from another location.

Names: Enter their First and Last Name and then the name that will display on Tickets and on the main screen and reports.

Login Schedule:  If you setup Login Schedules, you can assign the user to a specific login schedule which will limit their access to TCR.

Driver:  If the user is going to be using the TCR Mobile application, you need to associate the user record to the Driver / Employee record.

License Type:  This will be TCR Main unless you are also using the TCR Mobile app, then you need to indicate if the user will have access to the main TCR program, mobile app or both.  Keep in mind that how you setup user licenses will determine how many licenses you will need to purchase.

Signature:  The signature will be used on tickets that were completed with the mobile app or on quotes.  You need to create a graphic file (i.e. jpg, png, bmp) with the user's signature and then browse for the file and import it into the user record.

Important Reminder:  You need to just press Save (not Save and Close) to save the user and then use Add Role to assign the user to access levels.  The only exception to this is those users who will only use the TCR Mobile app, they will not need a role added.

A user may have more than one role and you can easily delete a role for a user.  You cannot create roles or change their access, only assign a user to the role.  

When you press the Add Role link a window will be displayed so you can select the role to be assigned (highlighting the role) and press OK.

Administrator - Administrator has access to perform any operation in the system including adding, updating, and deleting records.

General Manager – Access to everything but Administrative Settings.

Operations Manager – Manage jobs, equipment, drivers and trucks.  Setup line items, kits, signs but no pricing or invoicing.

Office Manager – Manage invoice processing and all information related to invoicing (line items, prices, add customers).

Staff – Enter/edit jobs, tickets, final edit tickets, labor / equipment tracking but no invoicing or pricing.

Bidder – Enter/edit quotes, print quote reports, create jobs, view pricing.

Dispatcher – Setup new jobs, enter/edit/print tickets, no proofing, cant void ticket, can setup kits and signs.

Driver – Setup new jobs and tickets, print tickets, print driver schedule and blank ticket / job check formats.



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