Accounting Terms

Accounting Terms refer to your customer's payment terms (i.e. Net 30 Days).  Each customer will have a specific accounting term associated with them and will print on their invoices and is used on the invoice export to determine the invoice due date.

Once you setup the terms that you offer, you will be able to setup a default term in the company screen and anytime a new customer is added, those terms will copy down to the customer but allows you to change it per customer.

Important Note: While TCR does export a due date, when importing into Quickbooks, the due date is calculated from the Terms on the QB customer record and does not use the due date exported.  So it is important when setting up customers in QB you assign them the same terms as you do in TCR.


Term Name:  This is what users will see when selecting the term for a customer.

Days Until Invoice is Due:  This is the number of days that gets added to the invoice date to determine the due date.

Display Order:  If used, this will allow you to control what order the terms are displayed in a drop down list.  Normally you want your most common terms at the top of the list.

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