Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts is where you will enter in those G/L accounts that will be tied to invoices billed out of TCR and used during the preparation of the invoice export file.  So depending on the detailed level of your G/L, you may have just one or two revenue accounts or more (as shown below).

You need to set up account numbers for each Branch even if they have the same account# and/or name as other Branches.  If you are using QuickBooks it is important that the QB Account Name matches the account name in QB.  Other accounting software will use the account id/# for exporting.


Account ID:  This is your G/L account# and will be used when exporting invoices, so it needs to match your accounting system.  

Description:  Account name description, which will appear in a drop down list when choosing the proper revenue code on a line item.

Branch:  Select the branch the account is related to.

Revenue Code: This is an internal TCR field and will link each Line Item in inventory to the proper G/L income account to post to.  You cannot duplicate the Revenue Codes within a Branch, they must be unique, but can use in another branch.

Once established, you do not want to be changing these revenue codes.  You can certainly add new ones and then edit the Line Items that will be associated with the new Revenue Codes.

You must have at minimum the following accounts:

Accounts Receivable

Sales Tax Payable

At least 1 Revenue account


If you use QuickBooks, you will have additional fields of information to fill in.  Please refer to the detailed document for TCR and QuickBooks Exporting/Importing for additional information.

QB Account Name: This is the revenue account name in QB that you want the revenue posted to and must be exactly the same.  If you use subaccounts you must use a : in between the account name and subaccount name. 

QB Item Name: This is no longer used and can be left blank.

QB Description:  This is the description that will appear in the detail section of the invoice in QB.

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