Tax Groups

Once you have all your individual tax rates setup, you can create your tax groups and assign specific tax rates to the group.  It is this tax group code you will use when creating new jobs so be sure the group name is obvious to the users.

You must have at least one Tax Group even if it only has one related Tax Rate.



Group Tax Code / Group Name: Depending on your accounting system, the group tax code and/or group name will be exported with the invoices.  See additional details in the document for your accounting software.

Tax Rate / Labor Tax Rate:  You do not enter in data into these fields as they are automatically calculated from the tax rates you add to the group.

When entering a new Tax Group, you need to Press Save before you have the option to enter the individual Tax Rates (Add Tax Rate).

Add Tax Rate:  A window will appear for you to select a tax rate to add to the group.  You need at least one tax rate for each group, but can have multiple rates depending on how your accounting system is setup.


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