Branches allow you to separate out Jobs to different satellite offices. 

The information that is set up for the branch office is used to print on the tickets and to establish the default tax code when creating a new job.  Each Job is assigned to a particular branch.

You must have a least one branch set up in the system.  There are various reports that will group by branch.



Branch Name:  This is just an identifier.  It will appear on the drop down list when you are assigning a job to a branch and will appear on reports.

Default Tax Code:  Regardless if you tax your equipment at the origination or destination point, each job will need a tax code.  If you mainly use one tax code for a jobs associated with the branch, selecting a default tax code will assist the user when creating a job.  If left blank, the user will have to select the proper tax code each time they create a job (which may be necessary if you tax based on the location of the job).  The tax code comes from the Tax Groups Name, so keep that in mind when setting up the tax group names.

Default Tax Exempt Code:  While many people do not have a special tax exempt tax code, if you do, you can set it up and if the job is marked as tax exempt, this is the tax code that will be used.  If it is not filled in, the normal default tax code will be used.

Address / Phone# / Fax#:  Enter the address and phone# that you want to print on the tickets.

Rental Minimum Taxed / Account #:  If you use Rental Minimums generated by TCR then you need to indicate whether that amount is taxable and which revenue account it needs to be posted to in your accounting software.

A/R and Sales Tax G/L Accounts:  Select the proper G/L account from the list to set these up to be used with the invoice exports.

Time Zone / Daylight Saving:  When tickets are entered, they are date/time stamped with the servers date/time (PST), and this information is translated to your time based on your time zone.

ROC Number:  This field refers to your register of contractors# which could be different for each branch.  If entered it will print on tickets and invoices.

QB Class:  For those using QuickBooks, if you have classes setup in QB, you can set up the Class in TCR and it will export with the invoice details.

Phase ID and GL Source: For users with Computer Ease as their accounting software, you can establish phase ID and a GL source that will be exported with your invoices.


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