TCR shows your recent activity under history.


Use of History:

  • Just like any browsers history, TCR's history shows latest actions performed.
  • History shows last 20 actions performed. When 21st action is performed, first one disappears and the latest one is added at the top of the list.



What information does History show?

  • On clicking the History icon, list of recent actions appears.
  • List shows us the entity name and the name or number of it which was opened recently.


  • If we want to re-open a page from the list, we click on it and the page is opened again. The action which we have re-opened will now be placed on top of the list as a recent action and the list is updated.



  • In TCR, we have search options for every entity. If we want to search a job or customer or any other entity we would enter the name or number in the search bar of the respective entities.





  • What if I need all the entities (customer, job, tickets, invoices, quotes, activities) whichever has the information matching to the name or number typed in search bar?
  • Answer would be 'Global search' bar. It is located at top centre of the page.


  • Type any customer name, you will get all the info including jobs, tickets, invoices, quotes, activities matching to that customer.
  • Type any job or ticket number, result displays all the tickets or job info relevant to that.




  • Any data that matches the search criteria will be displayed and is organised by entity.



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