Customer Portal

What is Customer Portal?

TCR Customer Portal is a website that provides your customers with a single point of access to company information that is relevant to them, such as their Jobs, Tickets, Invoices, Account Summary, and Messages.

Portal has 4 tabs :

  1. Overview
  2. Services
  3. Billing
  4. Add (Ticket/ Job)



  • Overview: This dashboard shows brief info of the customer in one page.

It displays Account Summary, which shows scheduled Tickets, active Jobs, and the last Invoice date and amount.

If any Job/Ticket is accepted or rejected, we can view it in the Message section of the Overview dashboard.

There are charts for Monthly Billing, Tickets Per Month (delivery and return Tickets) Top Equipment on Site to show data in pictorial form.

We have quick links for New Ticket, New Job and Equipment on Site. Clicking on any of these quick links would direct us to a new window with the fields to be filled in for a new Job, Ticket or Equipment.

  • Services: This page displays the services of the customer. It has 3 sub-tabs: Jobs, Tickets and Equipment on Site.

        1. Jobs: This page displays all the jobs based on the status which are categorized as Pending, Active, Closed, Invoiced, Rejected. Depending on the selection, the report is updated. By default, Active jobs are displayed.

This report displays basic information of a job such as, address, start date, est.close date, Cust Job#, Tickets, date of the first and last ticket, and who the Ticket was entered by (including date).

There are sort options for Job#, Start Date and Tickets.


Depending on the status of the ob, the Status column of the report is updated.

          2. Tickets: This page shows tickets based on criteria selected. Tickets will be categorized as Pending, Active, Invoiced, Rejected and All tickets. By default, Active tickets will be displayed.


Ticket status will be depicted differently according to their status.



This page has Sort option based on Ticket# and Del/pickup dates.

        3. Equipment on Site: This displays the list of equipment that is on site. This has a search bar to find any equipment from the list.

Report displays, Description of the item, Quantity on Hand, Job#, address of the Job, Cust Job# and Sub Item.  

There are sort options of Equipment name and Quantity on hand.



  • Billing: This page shows the list of invoices. It has a search bar to search for the desired invoice.

Report also gives information on Job#, address, Cust Job#, PO#, Invoice from and to, and Invoice date and Amount.

Sort options are Invoice #, Invoice To and Invoice Date.


  • Add: On clicking this tab, two options will be displayed: new ticket and new job.


        a. New ticket: This would direct us to new window to search for a job to which tickets needs to be added.


Upon selecting the Job, new Ticket page can be seen.


Once the fields are filled, ticket will be created and page will display a message as shown.


This ticket can be seen under pending Tickets. This ticket will now be sent for the approval in TCR.


Any new ticket created will be seen as a pending ticket in the TCR main program. This could either be activated or rejected and once its activated, it will be listed under active tickets of Services tab. If this new ticket is rejected, it will be displayed under rejected tickets of the Services tab.


     b. New Job: This would direct us to new window where we need to fill in details for the job. Once its created message is displayed as shown.


New job will be listed under Pending jobs section under Services tab.



Similar to new tickets, new jobs needs to be approved once its done, the job will be activated and will be displayed under active jobs in under active jobs of Services tab. If this new job is rejected, it will be displayed under rejected jobs of the Services tab.


After a Job is accepted in TCR, the customer can only view it.


  • Secure 24/7 self-service from desktop.
  • Ability to customize and add tickets/ jobs
  • Access to Invoices
  • Eliminates phone calls








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