Simplified DWM(Daily/Weekly/Monthly) feature

TCR can calculate a Daily, Weekly or Monthly price based upon the priorities that you set. In the past it was done through Equipment types and DWM categories, as shown below:



In the screenshots, you can see that we have set the weekly and monthly prices to calculate based the number of DAYS in each of the DWM Categories. 

The problem with this system is that is if your pricing changes the ratios will change.  For example, if we have pricing set at $1.00 per day, $4.00 per week, and $10.00 per month, we would set the weekly rate to start at day 4 and the monthly rate to start at day 10.  If our pricing changes to $1.50 per day, $5.00 per week, and $12.00 per month, the triggers for the weekly rate would cause it to overbill.  It would need to be changed to 3 days.  This can cause billing issues if someone isn’t monitoring these changes.  If you pricing changes from Job to Job, it can be a significant problem. 

To ameliorate these billing concerns, we developed a new calculation based on pricing alone.  Simply put, TCR will charge the daily price until it reaches the amount of the weekly price.  It then charges the weekly price until it reaches the monthly amount and then switches to the monthly price.

In the screenshot below, you can see that AB-Trailer is set for a daily price of $65.00, a weekly price of $150.00, and a monthly price of $500.00.  This means that TCR will bill the $65.00 for the first two days.  On the third day, the daily total of $195.00 would exceed the weekly rate, so the switch is made to weekly.  After 3 weeks of weekly billing ($450.00) the switch is made to monthly.  The monthly rate is then carried on until AB-Trailer is returned.  


Company Settings for DWM:

In Settings>Company, you can fine-tune DWM to work best for you company.  In the screenshot below, you have a choice to use the Standard (old) or Simplified (new) process:


If you select the Simplified (New) process, you have additional options that become available:


The ‘First Billing Prorate Type’ and ‘Last Billing Prorate Type’ works the same as it did before.  Since you may bill a partial month for the first or last billing, you have the choice to prorate that.  For our Simplified DWM, we have added the ability to prorate at a weekly OR monthly level:


We have also added the ability to use actual calendar days for proration.  This is the most accurate way to bill, but keep in mind that your customer might see a different proration rate based on the month they start (e.g. February proration would be a higher rate than March since it has fewer days per month).  Some customers choose to use a standard number (like 30) just to keep things simple, and you can see in the screenshot below that you have this option:



The last screenshot shows two fields: ‘Do Week Proration” and “Do Month Proration.”  These fields were designed for those customers that might run their first billing after more than one billing cycle.  For example, if your customer is going to rent AB-Trailer on a monthly basis, but has the item deliver on the 30th of March, some customers might just wait until the end of April and roll all of it up in that April billing.  These fields tell TCR how to bill the ‘extra’ days.  You have a choice to prorate those either weekly or monthly. 


Quotes w/ DWM Pricing:

 If you are using our Quotes module, there are a few new features that you want to be aware of.  You can see in the screenshot below that you will now want to select the Rate Type of DWM at the Quote level:


 You will also want to select the DWM-Quote Print Format:


Currently, we don’t have the weekly and monthly pricing in this view:


However, if you open the item:


You can then enter a weekly and monthly price that will carry over to the new Price List (if you create a Price List when converting to a Job)


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