Latest Updates

 Version 2.5 : (released March 29th, 2019)


New Features:

  • Schedule Drivers is added.
    • This is used to assign drivers to the tickets, change drivers and delete labor all in one page.
  •  Schedule Tickets is added
    • This is for the tickets, where they can be assigned to a driver, dates can be changed and can be deleted as well.
  •  Job skills are added


  • We can add the attachments at the ticket level now.


  • Limit on 'Time on site' on ticket screen  has increased to 12
  • 'This customer is on hold' warning appears when we open an 'on hold' customer.


  • Labels for the tickets, Jobs and Reminders are shown on the Calendar.


  • Dispatcher is added to Labor > Driver schedule grid.


Version 2.3 (released April 21st, 2018)


New Features:

  • Made all contacts available for all the contact fields (Foreman, Project manager, Called in By)
  • Added TCPs to Quote and Have them carry Over to Job.
  • Invoice Grid: Added ability to bulk email invoices.
  • Invoice Grid: Added ability to bulk reprint invoices.
  • TCR shows a warning if license is expiring in the next 7 days.
  • Added Zip Code field to Job screen.


  •  Added ability to tab through screens rather than having to use mouse.
  •  Bulk Change: Added ability to change the ticket status in bulk.
  •  Added the ability to change default status filters (Customers, Jobs, Tickets) based on login.
  •  Customer Record: Invoice Tab: Added the ability to open a job from Job Number link on the grid.
  • Ticket Screen: Expanded special instructions field.
  • Quotes: Added the ability to link multiple Quotes to a Job.
  • Credit Memos: Showing a warning if date selected is more than 6 months in the past/future.
  • Complete return Ticket: Showing a message when Quantity Returned is less than Quantity on hand.


  • Fixed focus shifting back to first job in the jobs grid issue.
  • Fixed users with non invoice roles able to invoice issue.
  • Kits: Manage Items Screen: Fixed users not able to change items to different item issue.
  • Proof/Invoice from Job screen: fixed closed jobs are not allowed to be invoiced issue.
  • Equipment: Restricted the ability to use same Equipment Code twice.
  • Fixed the issue where user are not able to download attachments that have specific characters in the file name.
  • Updated labor misc time screen to have labels start time and end time instead of time out and time In.


Version 1.27 (released January 31st, 2017)


New Features:

--Created a button to make a "Quote Extra" inactive

--Added a button to increase/decrease Price Lists prices by a percentage



--Increased the number of items that will print on a Sale ticket (from 32 to 46)



--Removed error while adding Job invoice message and misc notes

--Fixed error when accepting Job from Customer Portal

--Fixed error message when sale ticket is invoiced with zero items

--Fixed proration issues in second month DWM billing

--When recalculating a Return ticket in DWM, changed Rate Type is used

--Fixed tax calculations on labor items




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