In TCR we can perform bulk actions, i.e., actions on many records simultaneously. 

Bulk actions vary according to the entities,  viz.,Customer, Jobs, Tickets and Invoices.     

    1.  Customers:

  • Select customer from main menu. Search for the desired customer and select the checkbox(es).
  • Once the selections are made, page displays bulk action options on top right : Proof, Add labels, Remove Labels.

  • To get the proofs of selected customers, we select 'Proof' option. 'Specific Customers' page is displayed. Once the fields are filled, proofs will be generated.

    2.  Jobs:

  • Search for the jobs based on desired search criteria. Once the jobs are displayed select the ones required by checking the checkboxes.
  • To select all the jobs displayed, select the checkbox beside labels.

  • All the jobs are now highlighted. On top right Proof, Add label(s) and Remove labels(s) bulk actions are displayed.
  • To get the proofs of all the job click on 'Proof' option from top right. 'Specific jobs' window is displayed.

  • Once we give in the details, proof will be generated.

    3.  Tickets:

  • Search tickets based on Job#, Job name, customer Id or any search criteria. Once the tickets are displayed, click on checkbox beside Labels to select all the tickets displayed.
  • Once they are selected, bulk actions are displayed.
  • Print tickets, Final edit, Void, Add labels and Remove labels.

  • We can Print all the selected tickets by clicking on 'Print tickets' option.
  • We can 'Final edit' or 'Void' all those tickets by selecting the options 'Final edit' and Void on top right.


    4.  Invoices:

  • Click on Invoices from main menu and select Invoice list.
  • From the list, based on desired search criteria, Invoices will be displayed. Click on checkbox beside Label to select all those invoices.
  • On top right bulk actions will be displayed.
  • Mark as paid, Reprint, Email, Add labels and Remove labels.
  • All the selected tickets can be marked as paid, can be reprinted and emailed as well.
  • Similar to other entities, labels can be added and removed in bulk.

For now few more entities have bulk actions of only 'Add labels(s) and Remove label(s)'

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